What can we say about Shayna Craig...

She'll make you smile! That's for damn sure. A hard working, determined talented artist in all types of creative arenas and mediums. Her dreams are to collaborate with her favorite artists & co-creators and to be able to help other artists (and people in general) realize the manifestation of their greatest vision.

While attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for design and auditioning on lunch breaks like a good little performer should while working performing jobs for ends meat in between, she wanted to be the true full time artist and actress she knew she was but was never taught how. She started going a little bonkers working a typical 9-5 job so after a quick stint of being in and out of mental institutions to understand her purpose more clearly, she had a vision and decided to pool all the resources and interests she had into one project and created the local access tv show of where she lived at the time and called it Room of 100 Doors. It was to air on Scotch Plains NJ television. While working as an entertainer for children, she met (funny enough) a magician who became her right hand for the show and mentor to help her start her own entertainment company called Love Peace and Paint to allow her to get out of the rat race and have more time to dedicate to getting the show aired.

Before she could say "Lights Camera Action!" her entertainment company started growing quickly and started getting hired by the likes of Chris Rock, the NFL, Tiffany and Co. CBS, YouTube, Johnson and Johnson, and many more big names. So after mastering the company and building it from just herself to a company of 10, she was ready to continue building her name as a master performing and visual artist.

Throughout the years of running her company she started a band, Flylight, who plays around the tri-state area, continues to work on the show Room of 100 Doors (which she is now taking to Hollywood) and works on many wonderful collaborative projects in development. She still goes to auditions on her lunch breaks like a good little performer should - but this time she gets booked a lot more! She just wrapped a commercial for ESPN.

And now that she has a lot of content, contacts, and solid ideas she is ready to begin her snowbird artist lifestyle between Los Angeles California and New York City. Hey, she was always told to dream big, why not dream the BIGGEST.