Bloggaroo Boo

and Introducing....Shayna Craig!

First blog of many. An artist with a lot to say, who would have thought. Just call me me an me an introvert... Just don't call me for no reason. Or do. There's always a reason if you're calling upon me. 

I was in theaters watching a movie and a trailer came up that caught my eye during the end credits. It was naming actors when the final actor's name flashed across the screen and it was presented in a way that tickled me to keep wanting to say it as an affirmation over and over..the image of it seared into my brain and left a lingering vision...

 and Introducing...Shayna Craig!

Really excited to have this website finally up. It's the organization and discipline I've been lacking that I've needed oh so badly in the past few years but what I've come to realize about life and everything in it, is that no matter how hard you fight to "stay ahead" or "win" there's a magic about life that is outside of our control. Time is an illusion and the faster we humans remember this the better off we will all be. Death is not what we think and worry it is to be. It's actually quite beautiful. But beware "they" don't want you to know that. (more on this in another, deeper, post)

Don't let anyone ever convince you that what you're doing is wrong, or slow, or needs to be done on their watch. Even "successful" people. Those opinions are the most insidious because you think you want to be just like them, but guess what. They have a lot to lose so their kool-aid feels even stronger. Grow at your own pace. You're more authentic that way. Their watch is broken anyway and they are leading by what they've been taught is "the right thing to do" trying to convince you of the same thing that they believe, because god forbid THEY are wrong, that means they wasted their life doing something subpar to what they always wished they could have been doing. So they convince themselves they are right and then try and convince you as well to feel validated. Be bold. Live for YOU. Don't live for an imaginary idea that you didn't have a say in creating.

After all. If they say

"Misery loves company..." does that mean that "Pure Happiness loves being alone?"


Wake up my loves. It's time to live for YOU*.


*(This is really all a reminder for myself to read back in times of distress. but by all means, please go ahead and enjoy my process if it helps you in anyway. Ever try having a conversation with your subconscious mind? It can be quite entertaining to say the least. And also feel free to leave me comments, I would love to hear what's on YOUR mind.)